1. The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc.

The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. (GPL) is the leader in metabolic testing for patients with neurological, behavioral, gastrointestinal, and immunological disorders. Our Organic Acids Test is the most comprehensive available on the market with over 70 markers, including those for yeast, bacteria, oxalates, neurotransmitters, vitamin deficiencies, oxidative stress, fatty acids and more. Our toxic, non-metal chemical profile, GPL-TOX, screens for the presence of over 170 different toxic chemicals by testing 18 unique metabolites, including organophosphate pesticides, phthalates, benzene, xylene, vinyl chloride, and pyrethrin insecticides, and also includes a marker for mitochondrial damage. In October 2015, we launched a urine test for glyphosate, the world’s most widely used toxic herbicide. The GPL-SNP1000, is a genetic profile that tests over 140 genes and over 1,000 SNPs in nine critical pathways for health. Our newest test, GPL-MycoTOX screens for the presence of nine different mycotoxins in urine. We look forward to partnering with you to provide your patients with the most comprehensive testing and most personalized treatment plans possible.

Learn more at: www.GreatPlainsLaboratory.com

2. Clearlight Sauna

Sauna Works/ Clearlight Sauna is the most trusted infrared sauna manufacturer in the world. All of our infrared saunas are doctor designed to provide the maximum healing benefits as well as being the only infrared saunas that cancel out harmful EMF/ELF for the safest sauna experience. Infrared saunas have been shown to boost metabolism, detox the body, increase immune function, relieve pain and encourage parasympathetic tone. All residential saunas come with a true lifetime warranty and assemble in an hour to an hour and a half depending on the size. Our one and two person saunas set up anywhere that is level and dry and operate on 110 volt normal household current.

Learn more at: www.InfraredSauna.com

3. New Beginnings Nutritionals

New Beginnings Nutritionals provides high quality supplements specially designed for adults and children with special needs and allergies. Our products are designed to provide support for special dietary needs, digestion, absorption, nutrient deficiencies, detoxification, immune dysfunction, and yeast and bacteria overgrowth. We offer affordable nutritional supplements that are formulated utilizing recent scientific research, guaranteed for purity and potency, gluten/casein, soy, corn and yeast free, and supported by a specialized customer care team with personal experience and knowledge of nutritional issues for children with special needs and allergies. New Beginnings Nutritionals stands behind our products, using only manufacturers who adhere to the highest standards and who can provide certificates of analysis guaranteeing the purity and potency for both raw materials and finished products. Our products use pharmaceutical grade ingredients whenever possible and do not contain harmful or allergenic ingredients. We carefully research and select only the best products and ingredients so you can be confident that all purchases made at New Beginnings Nutritionals will be safe, pure, potent and absorbable.

Learn more at: www.NBNUS.com

4. DHA Laboratory

DHA Laboratory is a third generation, family owned and operated laboratory performing unique biochemical and nutrient based blood, urine, and hair testing. Located in Mount Prospect Illinois, DHA was founded in 2003 to support the treatment model of the original Pfeiffer Treatment Center. Working hand in hand with practitioners, we specialize in identifying the root cause of clinical symptoms with defensible data and pinpoint accuracy.

Learn more at: www.DHALab.com

5. OxyHealth, LLC

OxyHealth is the world’s leading provider of hyperbaric chambers. Presently, OxyHealth is the pioneer of the industry with over 12,000 chambers in use, more than all other providers combined. OxyHealth continues to remain at the forefront of superior performance, quality and cutting-edge design concepts that far exceed industry safety standards.

Learn more at: www.OxyHealth.com

6. IonCleanse by AMD

The IonCleanse® by AMD helps the body detox through the healing power of ions. Ions, because of their powerful charge, cleanse the body more effectively than any other method of detox. The process is safe, relaxing, and non-invasive, with no harmful side effects. Backed with proven research and a 15-year history, the IonCleanse® by AMD is proven to be a critical step in a wellness protocol. AMD offers an unprecedented 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee on any IonCleanse® system purchase.

Learn more at: www.AMajorDifference.com

7. Genomind

Genomind is a personalized medicine company bringing innovation to mental healthcare through genetic testing. Genomind’s expert staff is comprised of pioneering researchers and thought leaders in psychiatry and neurology who specialize in pharmacogenetic laboratory testing for psychiatry. Genomind is committed to partnering with clinicians to improve their patients’ lives.

Learn more at: www.genomind.com.

8. Vielight Inc

Near infrared (NIR) could be the new breakthrough in non-invasive brain stimulation. Vielight leads the way in offering affordable and innovative home-use NIR products that have been helping with various neurological conditions. Their low-risk general wellness devices are exempted from regulations. After presenting significant cognitive improvements in Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients in clinical studies, Vielight is mobilizing new randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to indicate for AD. Various RCTs are being planned for depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injury and Parkinson's disease, and also for improving mental performance in normal people. Meanwhile Vielight devices are already commercially available to the general public.

Learn more at: www.Vielight.com.

9. Amen Clinics

For over 27 years, Amen Clinics have been changing lives with the Amen Clinics Method - utilizing brain SPECT neuroimaging, in-depth neuropsychological testing, individualized health education and the least toxic, most effective treatments possible. The Amen Clinics Method has demonstrated high levels of success for complicated patients, and research shows that having a SPECT scan as part of the diagnostic process changed the diagnosis or treatment plan 79% of the time. The Amen Clinics is located in Southern and Northern California, Northwest in Bellevue, WA, Chicago, IL, New York City, Washington D.C. and Atlanta, GA.

Learn more at: www.AmenClinics.com.

10. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

The overarching mission of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, in collaboration with its educational entity the Metabolic Medical Institute, is to transition to a new standard of personalized medicine. The organization is dedicated to educating healthcare professionals on the advancement of technologies designed to treat and prevent disease, while simultaneously optimizing lifestyle and wellness. The group is unique in its commitment to hands-on clinical training programs in the areas of regenerative and functional medicine—in addition to graduate programs through a collaboration with the George Washington University School of Medicine—while delivering high-level educational content through symposiums and workshops.

Learn more at: www.A4M.com.

11. VAYA Pharma

At VAYA Pharma, we are committed to improving quality of life and delivering products that exemplify our key values. VAYA Pharma’s history of clinical research is based on understanding the potential of the human body in order to reform medicine. Through this research, we have discovered a strong correlation between certain disorders and lipid imbalances in affected individuals. Because of this, VAYA Pharma focuses on developing innovations for the clinical dietary management of disorders that are specifically associated with lipid imbalances. Our products deliver a nutritional based solution that are familiar to the human body and clinically proven to be safe and effective with virtually no side effects. Using lipid-based ingredients, our innovative products address nutritional needs of people with health conditions that cannot be met through modification of diet alone.

Learn more at: http://www.VayaPharma.com.

12. Jaymac Pharmaceuticals

Jaymac Pharmaceuticals markets Mthylfolate and reduced B-Vitamin products. Two of these, Enlyte and Enbrace-HR are by prescription only, and our new Enlyte-D, which does not requrire a prescription but is given only with medical supervision. These products are indicated for the patient that has methylation abnormalities, whether inborn, environmental, or stressor-related, and are designed to help restore normal brain chemistry.

Learn more at: http://www.EnlyteRx.com/.

13. CV Sciences

PlusCBD Oil(TM) by CV Sciences is the leading brand of hemp-derived CBD oil products available across the nation. Our high quality products come in a variety of delivery systems to suit customer preferences.

Learn more at: https://PlusCBDOil.com/.

14. New Vista Behavioral Health

New Vista Behavioral Health is a national family of treatment centers offering distinctive, effective addiction and behavioral health care. As one pursues New Vistas for your life, health and relationships, we come alongside our clients and deliver excellent care through evidence-based and complementary programming. When seeking treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness or co-occurring disorders, our passionate, skilled team helps to paint a new horizon—colored with wellness, restoration and vitality. At New Vista, we know the weight of addiction or mental illness can be too much to bear on your own. When life has you cornered, and hope seems fleeting, take courage and just show up. Reach out to our licensed and accredited team of specialists who routinely remind you: If you won’t quit, we won’t quit on you.

Learn more at: www.NewVistaBehavioralHealth.com.

15. Nordic Naturals

Since 1995, Nordic Naturals has been an industry leader in omega-3 fish oil supplementation, setting standards for purity, freshness, taste, and sustainability. With a reputation for efficacy and potency, Nordic Naturals fish oils and essential fatty acid blends are regularly chosen by independent research institutions and universities, with over 25 published scientific studies and more than 30 in progress. Distributing to over 30 countries on 6 continents, Nordic Naturals offers more than 150 products in a variety of flavors, concentrations, and delivery forms. Nordic Naturals continues to deliver on its promise of innovation and quality you can trust.

Learn more at: http://www.NordicNaturalsPro.com/.

16. Bio-Botanical Research

Comprehensive Cleansing Program, Biocidin® Formulas, For a Healthy and Balanced Intestinal Ecology. Biocidin® is a synergistic combination of botanical medicines which targets the entire GI tract and supports microbiome balance for healthy digestion and elimination. The botanicals also have systemic applications in microbial challenges wherever they occur. Laboratory and clinically tested for effectiveness for over 25 years. Recommended as nutritional support by leading practitioners addressing GI Dysbiosis, Candida, Lyme, Autism, SIBO, Winter Wellness, microbial challenges and LPS endotoxins. Research indicates potential in addressing biofilms and chronic/resistant cases of imbalanced terrain.

Learn more at: www.Biocidin.com/.

17. A Mission For Michael

The only psychiatrist owned and operated dual diagnosis rehab center in southern California utilizing skilled psychotherapists, psychiatric medications and mind body wellness to promote maximum healing and recovery.

Learn more at: www.AMissionForMichael.com.

18. Sponaugle Wellness Institute

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we practice integrative medicine combining the best of western medicine and natural medicine to assist the healing of patients suffering from chronic illness. Our typical patient has undergone treatment from multiple doctors and wellness centers, yet they have failed to regain their health.

Learn more at: www.SponaugleWellness.com.

19. Evoke Neuroscience, Inc.

Evoke Neuroscience’s eVox system delivers state of the art electrophysiology technology in an easy-to-use, in-office device that provides central and autonomic nervous system assessment and training. Grounded in clinically-proven biomarkers, eVox enhances clinical work ups beyond subjective patient responses and empowers physicians to objectively measure and manage cognitive function.

Learn more at: www.EvokeNeuroScience.com.

20. Electromedical Products International, Inc.

ince 1981, Alpha-Stim® patented prescription medical technology has proven safe and effective for anxiety, insomnia and depression. Supported by more research than any therapeutic device, there are 95 studies at www.alpha-stim.com. Or call 1-800-FOR-PAIN. Free loan for qualified practitioners. You will be amazed at your patients’ rapid changes in mood.

Learn more at: www.Alpha-Stim.com.

21. DUTCH test by Precision Analytical

Precision Analytical Inc. is improving global wellness by providing important insight into hormones and their function. Their state-of-the-art innovation in hormone testing uses the acronym DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones). The DUTCH™ test has quickly caught the attention of functional and integrative medicine professionals. Precision Analytical is now the world leader in hormone testing as their DUTCH™ test provides the most comprehensive look at hormones through simple collection and helps practitioners answer the most complex clinical questions.

Learn more at: www.DutchTest.com.

22. EnviroMed Sciences

Reduce Your Environmental Toxic Burden! Virus, Bacteria, Allergens, Chemicals, Heavy Metals and Pharmaceuticals Pro-Actively Removed From Indoor Air, Surfaces and Drinking Water! Peace of Mind Protection for Your Home, Office and Patients.

Learn more at: www.EnviroMedSciences.com.

23. ZRT Laboratory

ZRT is a CLIA certified diagnostic laboratory and the leader in hormone and wellness testing. We provide accurate and meaningful test results that assist healthcare providers in making informed treatment decisions. In 18 years ZRT has tested over 8 million people, and currently performs testing for over 4,000 healthcare providers in 96 countries and all 50 states. ZRT is also engaged in ongoing collaborative clinical research with investigators around the world, including the CDC, NIH and prominent universities. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ZRT is the recognized innovator of saliva, dried blood spot and dried urine testing methodologies.

Learn more at: www.ZRTLab.com.

24. LiveO2

LiveO2 systems provide the means to accomplish the standard in 15 minute protocols, delivering super oxygenation of the entire body. LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast incorporates predictable physiological responses to achieve advanced results by enhancing exercise. Moments of quick recovery follow layers of events, which teaches the body to react dynamically in response. LiveO2 is a practical, exciting and an effective way to support the body through many challenges as well as a gateway to accomplish performance and health creation goals.
Learn more at: www.LiveO2.com.

Physicians for Informed Consent is a non-profit physician organization dedicated to safeguarding informed consent in vaccination. Our goals are to unite and support health care professionals through education and outreach in their quest to protect their patients through informed consent, and educate the public on infectious disease, the immune system, and informed consent.

Learn more at: www.PhysiciansForInformedConsent.org.

26. Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd

Truehope is a Nutraceutical Development Company, responsible for the leading Nutraceutical Supplement for Mental Health support in the world.

Learn more at: www.TrueHope.com.

27. Readisorb

Your Energy Systems, LLC has been making the ReadiSorb® line of products for over 12 years. Our Liposomal Glutathione has been the subject of 10 peer-reviewed articles that were published in mainstream medical journals including a recent clinical study showing immune support (published July 2015). In 2013 our Liposomal Glutathione was awarded a U.S. patent as recognition of its unique formulation. We also make two popular and easy to use liposomal sprays, Methyl B-12 and Melatonin. Our products are made in the USA at an FDA inspected laboratory to cGMP standards.

Learn more at: www.Readisorb.com/.

28. ZYTO

Description Coming Soon!

Learn more at: www.ZYTO.com

29. The Biomat Store

The Biomat is an advanced far infrared (FIR) and negative ion medical device. The application of FIR has been proven to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and detoxify the body while stimulating relaxation and the parasympathetic nervous system. It benefits those with neuropathies, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and insomnia and can be used for integrative cancer care.

Learn more at: www.TheBiomatStore.com.

30. Womens International Pharmacy

As an experienced healthcare provider you understand patients do not present with a “one size fits all” list of symptoms. Women’s International Pharmacy’s goal is to help you meet your patients’ unique needs. Women’s International Pharmacy specializes in custom compounded bioidentical hormone prescriptions for men and women. Our pharmacists follow stringent proficiency and quality assurance standards so you can focus on the most important person, your patient. Whether you are a practitioner or patient you can be assured WIP is here for you and we respect your choice to use compounded medications. Give us a call, we’ve been expecting you!

Learn more at: www.WomensInternational.com.

31. BESO Biological Research, Inc.

BESO Biological Research, Inc. Makes fermented soy extract and beverages intended to be used for medical professionals.

Learn more at: www.BESOInc.com.

32. Psychiatry Redefined

Psychiatry Redefined is an online educational company Dedicated to training professionals for clinical practice In integrative Psychiatry. Under the Medical leadership of James Greenblatt MD Psychiatry Redefined provides evidenced based courses Trainings and Conferences on a new understanding of Psychiatry and mental illness.

Learn more at: www.PsychiatryRedefined.org.

33. Quincy Bioscience

Quincy Bioscience developed Prevagen Professional, a first-in-class memory supplement. Only Prevagen contains the ingredient apoaequorin, a protein originally discovered in jellyfish and shown to support neuronal calcium balance. In a published, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, Prevagen improved memory, word recall and learning as early as 30 days.

Learn more at: www.QuincyBioscience.com.

34. Researched Nutritionals

Physician-only line of clinically researched formulations: H2 Absorb™- to scavenge hydroxyl free radical & promote healthy oxidative stress level; ATP Fuel®-mitochondrial product w/researched showing 31% fatigue reduction; Tri-Fortify™ liposomal glutathione clinically proven to increase intracellular glutathione by 28% & Natural Killer cell function by 400%; Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ with 620% increase in Natural Killer Cell function. Plus CytoQuel® to promote healthy cytokine activity.

Learn more at: www.ResearchedNutritionals.com.

35. University of Bridgeport

Non profit university with a comprehensive offering of healthcare programs with the largest division of health sciences in complementary and alternative medicine on the east coast.

Learn more at: www.Bridgeport.edu.

36. HeartMath LLC

HeartMath has developed techniques and technology for health professionals to teach patients and clients self-regulation and emotional managements skills. The patients learn to manage their physiology and emotions by regulating their nervous systems. The technology is based on heart rate variability feedback.

Learn more at: www.heartmath.com/.

37. BioIndividual Nutrition Institute

Customizing food and nutrition strategy is essential to therapeutic success today; but integrative practitioners know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” diet. The BioIndividual Nutrition Institute focuses on customizing dietary intervention to meet each person's unique therapeutic needs. Julie Matthews leads an advanced training course that provides the knowledge and tools to revolutionize how you support patients/clients. Graduates become Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioners. Clinicians with special interest in childhood disorders or mental health advance their acumen through Julie’s additional training in Nutrition for Children, Autism, ADHD and other Special Needs. The programs are online, with a private membership group of professionals sharing best-practices for expanding clinical success and practice revenue. Doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, dietitians, health coaches, and more from around the world have completed training in bioindividual nutrition.

Learn more at: http://www.BioIndividualNutrition.com.

38. College Pharmacy

Knowledge Changes Everything : Quality. Innovation. Experience. Since 1974. Our compounding process, attention to detail, and quality of the compounding components continues to make our formulations exceptional. Our expertise includes: BHRT (Expanded Pellet Implant Selection), Specialty Injectables, IV Protocols, Chelation, Environmental Medicine, Addiction Medicine, and more. College Pharmacy’s state-of-the-art USP 795 & 797 compliant facility and ISO 8 compounding lab enables us to produce the highest quality sterile formulations.

Learn more at: www.CollegePharmacy.com/.

39. Doctor's Data

Doctor's Data, Inc. has provided innovative specialty testing to healthcare practitioners around the world from our advanced CLIA-licensed clinical laboratory since 1972. A specialist and pioneer in essential and toxic elemental testing, the laboratory provides a wide array of functional testing to aid in decision making and better patient outcomes. Choose DDI to help you assess and treat heavy metal burden, nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal function, cardiovascular risk, liver and metabolic abnormalities, hormone status, and more.

Learn more at: www.doctorsdata.com/.

40. RLC Labs

Two natural thyroid solutions. Because no two people are alike. Nature-Throid® and WP Thyroid® are all natural T4 and T3 hormone replacement medications, which utilizes desiccated porcine extract. Most synthetic thyroid treatments contain only T4 hormone. Since Nature-Throid® and WP Thyroid® contain both T4 and T3 hormones, they can provide a more natural body response. There is simply no substitute for the healing benefits nature provides. Nature-Throid® is the classic solution for hypothyroid treatment. WP Thyroid® with fewer inactive ingredients, is now available for patients that require a purer formula. Both medications are formulated using hypoallergenic inactive ingredients and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors, corn, peanut, rice, gluten, soy, yeast, egg or fish/shellfish. . RLC Labs also manufactures a-Drenal® and i-Throid®, (iodine 12.5mg & 6.25mg) which can be used alone or with either Nature-Throid® or WP Thyroid® for a well-rounded thyroid protocol.

Learn more at: www.GetRealThyroid.com.

41. Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is a 12-month online certification program established in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine. We train health coaches to work on collaborative care teams and are approved by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaches (ICWHC). The curriculum blends positive psychology coaching with principles of Functional Medicine, functional nutrition and mind-body medicine, and includes a 6-month supervised practicum. Classes begin February 1 and August 1.

Learn more at: www.FunctionalMedicineCoaching.org/.

42. Sold

43. Moleculera Labs, Inc.

Moleculera Labs is an autoimmune neurobiology company focused on neuropsychiatric disorders caused by molecular mimicry. As pioneers in developing and offering advanced testing services, our Cunningham Panel™ of Tests assists physicians in identifying whether an individual’s neurologic/psychiatric symptoms, such as obsessive compulsive behaviors, tics, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and sometimes behaviors associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders, could be caused by a treatable autoimmune condition which is triggered by common infections.

Learn more at: www.Moleculera.com.

44. Relax Saunas

The Relax Sauna company manufactures a professional model radiator, which is a medical device. The Relax Sauna contains 2 of those radiators, which generate over 95% pure Far Infrared Energy. We believe that the Relax Sauna generates at least 4 times the amount of far infrared energy as any infrared sauna. This is why Being in the Relax Sauna Feels like you are in the Presence of a Chi Gong Master. There is much scientific documentation that Far Infrared Energy and The Relax Far Infrared Sauna can be one of the best things for helping with depression, autism, and dozens of other serious health conditions. The Relax Sauna is one of the best things for Mental Clarity and Spiritual Attunement.

Learn more at: www.RelaxSaunas.com/.

45. American Herbal Labs

New Vita Systems is Chinese medicine made simply to affect for mental health, including New Vita Herbs, Nano Vita Water and Nano Herbs Light. Dr Luke Cua will provide the TCM medical services on site.

Learn more at: www.NewVita.com/.

46. Microbiome Labs (MegaSporeBiotic)

MegaSporeBiotic is dispensed by Microbiome Labs which was born out of the desire to improve the tools that integrative physicians have to improve the health and well being of their patients. Microbiome Labs was founded by a practicing doctor and is dedicated to creating nutritional supplements with the highest quality, potency, and efficacy for health care professionals.

Learn more at: www.gomegaspore.com.

47. CNS Vital Signs

CNS Vital Signs is a world leader in compterized-neurocognitive assessment tools. Baseline, evaluate and track the status and disease progression of your patients. Used by over 12,000 clinicians and researchers in 52 countries. Available in over 50 languages. Come by our exhibit or go to www.cnsvs.com for a free trial.

Learn more at: www.CNSVS.com.

48. MethylGenetic Nutrition AnalysisTM

With unprecedented functionality, MethylGenetic Nutrition AnalysisTM offers a cloud based platform that enables practitioners to integrate findings from lab work, a symptom survey and raw genetic data and then compares all the patient data in a side-by-side format and makes recommendations. This is a powerful decision-making tool when designing a personalized nutritional protocol in the correct order for your patient, based on their unique genetics. MGNA provides the most comprehensive genetic analysis of multiple factors that impact neurotransmitter production and the inflammation that impairs them. This program is taking functional mental health care into a whole new paradigm.

Learn more at: www.DNASupplementation.com.

49. Integrative Medicine Academy

Integrative Medicine Academy offers comprehensive online training courses for health care professionals, focusing on Integrative and Functional Medicine practices often overlooked by “mainstream medicine.” Each course is taught by an expert in their specific field, and includes webinar lectures, question and answer sessions, protocols and practices, downloadable office documents and treatment program templates, and continual access to the instructors through private forums. Courses include Autism Mastery, Hormone Mastery, GI Mastery (gut issues), Adrenal Mastery, and Toxicity Mastery.

Learn more at: www.IntegrativeMedicineAcademy.com.

50. Saybrook University

For almost 50 years, Saybrook has challenged students to become independent thinkers who value and understand the interconnectivity of everything they experience. We provide rigorous graduate education deeply rooted in this humanistic tradition. Our community is globally inclusive of scholars and leaders united in the commitment of working toward a humane and sustainable world. We believe that a holistic graduate education includes the lives of our students. Our online degree programs allow for flexible study and are designed to accommodate working professionals without requiring them to relocate.

Learn more at: www.Saybrook.edu.

51. Houston Enzymes

Houston Enzymes formulates and sells digestive enzyme supplements.

Learn more at: www.Houston-Enzymes.com.

52. NeurOptimal

Developed by Clinical Psychologists, NeurOptimal® is the world’s first and only Dynamical NeurofeedbackTM brain training system. Do you ever feel frustrated by lack of progress with your clients? Do they lack commitment to fully take advantage of your therapy? NeurOptimal® is an additional tool to support your practice. Working directly with the central nervous system, brain training with NeurOptimal® can help improve cognitive and physical performance, enhance focus and deepen sleep. With 17 years and well over 3 million hours of use worldwide, NeurOptimal® is an advanced, time-tested, safe and effective neurofeedback system. Come experience NeurOptimal® for yourself, at booth #52.

Learn more at: www.Neuroptimal.com.

53. Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition

We provide education on nutritional and functional medical interventions for people with addiction and mental health issues, for mental health professionals and anyone else interested in learning this information.

Learn more at: www.AddictionNutritionAcademy.com.

54. Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)

Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating, empowering and supporting families affected by autism. For families who have just received the autism diagnosis, TACA aims to speed up the cycle time from the autism diagnosis to effective treatments. TACA helps to strengthen the autism community by connecting families and the professionals who can help them, allowing them to share stories and information to help improve the quality of life for people with autism.

Learn more at: www.TacaNow.org/.

55. The Brain Treatment Center

BTC is a progressive brain health clinic focusing on the intersecting fields of physics and neuroscience as evidenced by our use of non-invasive brain stimulation technologies. We are pioneering the use of MeRT therapy known for its innovative approach to analyzing the brain. It is a tool that provides insight into brain function and can be used to modify brain activity through magnetic brain stimulation for better network communication helping a wide range of therapeutic and non-therapeutic purposes.

Learn more at: www.BrainTreatmentCenter.com.


57. Magstim

Manufacturer and international distributor of transcranial magnetic stimulation devices (TMS) used in research and clinical therapy for a variety of neurologic disorders.

Learn more at: www.Magstim.com/.



60. Mentor Books

For 25 years, Mentor books has been traveling to events throughout the United States. We specialize in curatingan invigorating line of books to suit the needs of your conference. We bring the best books and topic related items specifically for the enjoyment and education of your attendees. In addition, Mentor Books will set up fantastic author signings to excite the audience on the event topics and speakers. We assist your speakers in promoting and selling their books, and helping to make the experience worth-while.

Learn more at: www.MentorBooks.com/.